Suqian Easy Decorate Carpet grandly convene the 2019 annual summary and commendation conference

2020-01-10 Easy Decorate 104

On the afternoon of December 30, 2019, Suqian Easy Decorate Carpet held the 2019 annual summary and commendation meeting in the fourth conference hall of the Party School of Suqian Municipal Committee. This conference is a vigorous pressure meeting, an endeavor and hard work meeting.


At the meeting, the chairman comprehensively summarized the glorious performance of the company in 2019, and also pointed out the shortcomings, and painted a brand new blueprint for the company's business strategy, technological innovation, new product development and corporate culture in 2020.


General Manager Shen read out the commendation decision for advanced collectives and advanced individuals in 2019.

The meeting was presided over by Vice President Cheng. He proposed the ban on the company ’s development and the improvement of efficiency in 2020; solidarity and hard work, striving for the first; production first, and advanced service.


This conference was centered on the goal of "standardizing management, improving image, refining the team, and creating greater glories", and ended in a warm and peaceful atmosphere.