Suqian Easy Decorate Carpet hold the first meeting after the Spring Festival

2023-02-15 guanzhu_ws 120

On March 2, 2020, our company's regular meeting was held in the conference room on the fourth floor of the new office building in Suqian Easy Decorate Carpet with the theme of "focusing on the epidemic and focusing on production".


The meeting was chaired by Mr. Cheng. It is the first regular meeting held by our company after the Spring Festival, the first regular meeting held in the new office building, and a meaningful meeting held during epidemic prevention and control. Suqian Easy Decorate Carpet resumed work as scheduled according to the time stipulated by the Suqian Municipal People's Government. Today's meeting is to grasp "anti-epidemic" on one hand and "production" on the other.


At the meeting, Chairman Zhou made arrangements for several issues such as corporate culture, refined management, production efficiency, and product development that we will focus on in 2020. Call on company colleagues to work together and build a beautiful tomorrow for company.