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The foundation of JIANGSU VICTURF CO.,LTD can be divided into three kinds of foundation: cement concrete foundation, asphalt foundation and panax notoginseng lime soil foundation.

Cement concrete foundation

1. Flatness: the pass rate of flatness is more than 95% m and the error is 3 mm. 2. Slope: central site 3 -4 , tortoise back drainage design. Bend 8 , straight 5 , semicircle 5 , surface should be flat, smooth, smooth,

Ensure drainage.

3.Strength and stability: the surface is uniform and firm, no crack, no bad edge, and the joint is smooth and smooth about 6000mm × 6000mm. The cushion is compacted and the compactness is greater than 95. There are no obvious phenomena such as wheel track loose floating soil wave and so on after the medium mill compaction.

4. Waterproof layer: the new PVC thickened waterproof film is used. The lap area should be 200 mm and the edge margin is more than 150 mm.

5. Maintenance period: the basic maintenance period is 21 days.

6. positioning: for the purpose of accurate construction and line drawing, the lines of the site are marked with firm and distinct markers.


Asphalt foundation

1. Smoothness: the foundation should have a certain strength and stability, the foundation can not be cracked and caused by freezing uneven frost heaving, the pass rate of flatness is more than 95% meters and the error is 3 mm.

2. Slope: transverse < 1%, longitudinal < 1 , high jump area < 4 , surface should be flat and smooth to ensure drainage.

3. Strength and stability: asphalt foundations are preferably made of bituminous materials that contain little or no wax, and their asphalt mixtures must be sufficiently compacted. The surface is even and solid, smooth without cracks, without rotten edges, without hemp surface, smooth and smooth joints. The gravel diameter of asphalt concrete surface layer is 2-5mm, the oil content is 5.8-6.4mm, the aggregate diameter of joint layer is 6-9mm, contains 4.6-5.8mm, no soft skin. No loose floating soil, waves and other phenomena.

4. Drainage: the drainage system must drain water two hours after heavy rain.

5. Maintenance period: the basic maintenance period is 28 days.

Panax notoginseng lime soil foundation

1. Lime and soil sieve: lime and soil must be sifted. The particle size of the soil shall not be greater than 15 mm; the particle size of the ash shall not be greater than 5 mm. Mix evenly and control the optimum moisture content as the water content standard for lime soil.

2. Rammed foundation groove: before entering the base groove, the bottom of the base slot should be rammed once, and then the mixed lime soil should be poured into the slot at the designated place, but the lime and soil shall not flow into the trough along with the trough. When using artificial tamping to build lime soil, the first layer is 25 cm, the second layer is 22 cm, the later layer is 21 cm, after tamping is 15 cm. Adopt frog type rammer to spread empty soil 2025 centimeters. Compaction is the key to ensure the quality of lime-soil foundation. Construction tools used to use wood rammer and iron. Tamping requires ramming, I spend each other lap. The number of times of tamping is to make the dry bulk density of lime soil to the value specified in the code.

3. Sunscreen and moisture-proof: after tamping, cover it in time to prevent sun, rain and rain.