Happy Women's Day! Best wishes to all the female staff in Easy Decorate Company

2023-03-09 xiaoshou_g 337

You were born in the sun and deserve all the beauty in the world,

May there be lights in your eyes, flowers in your hands, and belongings in your heart,

Today is your day, 

May you be the goddess who rides the wind and waves, 

and also a princess beloved by others.

To the Charming Beauties

The wind in March makes your mood bright;

The rain in March makes your happiness permanent;

The sunshine in March warms your heart; 

The blessings in March get your life blissful; 

wish you a happy Women's Day!


Recognize the best yourself

With a spring breeze, two drops of nectar, three green leaves, four bunches of flowers,

We weave them into a colorful gift box in the such a sunny season,

with colorful ribbons, ninety percent of sincerity, and full enthusiasm

We give you the best regards: happy the special day!

The world is beautiful because of you,

May every goddess live the way she wants!