2018 JIANGSU VICTURF CO.,LTD Table Tennis friendly match

2018-01-29 admin 83

At 1: 00 p.m. on January 19th 2018, "JIANGSU VICTURF CO.,LTD production Department and Office Table Tennis friendly match" opened in the first floor of the office building activity room table tennis room.The participants in this competition are mainly to production, sales, personnel and other table tennis enthusiasts, a total of 16 players signed up to participate. The competition is divided into singles and team two types, using the single elimination system..


Manager Shen made a speech before the match

The competition in many even competitors between the athletes, so that the game has become more exciting, straight, transverse, spiking, spin ball, arc ball and so on have been reflected one by one. From time to time in the game came warm applause, excited "good ball" sound.

Finally, after nearly 2 hours of fierce fighting, production colleagues pressure the team, won the singles champion at one fell swoop.

Athletes draw lots to determine the order of entryThe athletes in the competition process, actively fight, not perspiration comes down like raindrops, never give up until the last moment of the spirit deeply touched everyone present.

The game ended in a harmonious laugh. This not only provides an opportunity for the Yi Hua grass sales Office and the production Office to exchange and exchange skills with each other,

It also provides an opportunity to show itself and improve constantly, and also promotes the further communication and cooperation among the various departments of JIANGSU VICTURF CO.,LTD, which lays a solid foundation for the smooth development of the company's future work.